BSA Troop 298 - Highland Village Rd
1700 Highland Village
Highland Village, TX 75077-7133

Meeting Hours: 
Monday 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (check Calendar for schedule - we follow the LISD school calendar for holidays - we do meet in the summer)

Contact us
Scoutmaster - Terry Creley
Asst. Scoutmaster(s) - Harold Dalton

Chartered Org. Chair:    R. Asebedo         Troop Outdoor/Activities Chair:  
Troop Committee Chair:   Robin Hensley      Troop Membership Chair:          OPEN
Troop Secretary:                            Troop Training Chair:            OPEN
Troop Treasurer:         Josh Travis        Troop Fundraising Chair:         Dan Vacek
Troop Advancement:       Harold Dalton      Troop FOS Chair:                 OPEN
Troop Quartermaster:     OPEN               Troop Public Relations Chair:    Audrey Vacek
Troop Scouting for Food: OPEN               Scout/Parent Unit Coordinator:   OPEN
Troop Chaplin:           OPEN